Monday, May 22, 2017

Transfers and a Sunday full of miracles!

Me with some of the great members in the Villa Verde ward!
Here in Villa Verde we have been working super hard with investigators, less actives, and recent converts!  And yesterday we saw miracles! On a normal Sunday in the gospel principles class we have about 6 to 8 recent converts-investigators.  But yesterday we had 20, yes 20!!!!  It was an amazing thing to see.  In sacrament meeting there was a group of young men that came in.  A couple with recent converts who are also less active and some of their friends that we started teaching.  The Lord blessed us so much it was an amazing sight to see!  This area is really growing and the work is progressing.  It was a wonderful, but bitter sweet day.

Luna a member that always
goes with us to lessons!
Why bitter sweet you may ask..... Well, I am being transferred.  In fact all 4 sisters are being transferred and 2 elders are coming to our area... lucky fellows.  But all 4 of us are really sad to be leaving.  I am being transferred to Los Solares, an area closer to the capital.  I will be white washing that area and opening it for Hermanas!  Wooo!!  Fun times ahead!  My companion will be Hermana Peralta from Peru, she is actually my Hermana Leader right now so I know her and am really excited to be her companion for the next 3 weeks!  I will be her last companion in the mission as she will be going home after this 3 week transfer!  

Time is flying by!  It is just not fair!  I have really enjoyed my time here in Villa Verde.  We taught Rosy this week, her boyfriend is a member and she accepted the invitation to be baptized.  She is really special!  We are also teaching other youth that have been coming to church and mutual.  Miracles are happening every day!  We kept busy this week with lessons and working with the members more and more!

Our zone, La Romana
This week we were leaving our zone lunch after zone meeting and we heard someone yell Sisters!  In English.  There was a lady there from Colorado with her family.  They are Mormon and are here teaching English and having some vacation time, you could tell by their skin!  haha

We also had a Bianchi Bar miracle!  One day my companion wanted a Bianchi Bar so as we were walking to an appointment we were stopping in Colmados to buy a Bianchi Bar.  Many of the Colmados didn’t have them, but finally we found one that did.  And as a mission we are to talk with everyone so we were contacting this one guy and I turned to my side and saw a woman listening intently.  Turns out her grandma used to assist our church and she wants to learn more!  The miracles that come from talking with everyone!

I am sad to be leaving but am excited for my new adventure!  The mission is going great!  I hope you all have a great lovely week!


Hermana Steed
We had a surprise party for one of the sister’s birthdays!

Only in the Dominican Republic do you find
a bag that says the end is near, repent!

With Hermana Santana and her son that always goes with
us to lessons as well and has us over for lunch

Us with Angie and Ismarlin our ward mission leader

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