Monday, May 1, 2017

Rain, zone conference, rain, companion exchanges, and more rain

Well it was a week full of rain.  It has been nice and cool so we have enjoyed it!  Tuesday we spent all day at the mission office having interviews and we had our zone conference.  It was a great meeting!  We talked about having exceptional faith and using our imagination to think of the promises already being completed and imaging that we already accomplished our goals.  This principle is actually taught all throughout the scriptures.  Some examples are Mosiah 3:13, Alma 5:15-19, Ether 12:19-22.  He had us write in our journals like it was the first of June and we were reflecting on the things we did in May.  It was a great exercise and I am really looking forward to the things this month!

This week we contacted the references we received and when we were contacting one her mom started yelling at her saying that they were of another church and that she didn’t want us in her house right in front of us.  Then she started walking towards us calling her child the devil.  I just don’t think it was her day.  So hopefully we can go back and present ourselves and catch her on her good day.  This reference is golden because she goes to activities with the members that live next door, so we are really hopeful!

The same day we also had an investigator hide from us.  An experience that every missionary has sadly.  And in the same day we had a lady yell at us.  It was a really weird day, but we just keep going with smiling faces!

We had a great lesson with a mom this week.  We were teaching the Book of Mormon and also started talking about families being together forever.  When we started talking about that her family can be together forever her eyes just lit up. The Spirit was there and we could just see the hope in her eyes!  It was a beautiful moment.  She didn’t think that families could be together after this life.  This is an important message we share and a beautiful one at that.  The family is so important and they really can be eternal.  What amazing knowledge we have of this truth!

I had my companion exchange this week with Hermana Birch from Ephraim, Utah.  It is always fun to go for a day with another missionary and learn from them.

As I said it has been raining pretty much all week and the streets have been a little flooded.  We were in a house and she lives below the street a ways back and the water was just rushing in the yard part of these houses. It started to fill up and water began coming into her house.  We tried to help her keep it out, but it is normal where she lives.  We put cement blocks in front of her door to help keep it out though.  Then we had to go to another appointment and it was still pouring rain so we walked out in mid-calf deep water.  It was quite the adventure.  Everyone was in their house and I think they thought we were crazy being out in the rain.  Dominicans don’t like the rain and we were a little crazy for being out there.  But it was a fun adventure!  

We had a lesson with Yuni this week.  It was adorable when we asked him what he wanted to sing he said I am a child of God because he is memorizing it.  So he sang the first verse by himself and then we joined in for the next 2 verses!  It was adorable!  He knows the church is true and asked his mom if he could be baptized and she said yes, but we are having a couple of other challenges, but I know that through the guidance of the Spirit we will be able to help him!

I also received some excellent news this week from Yamasa!  Franchesca is getting baptized!  Her parents gave permission!  I am so excited for her that she can finally take this step and make a covenant with our Heavenly Father!  When my old companion called to tell me I just leapt for joy!  I am so excited and just can’t even stand it.  She is an amazing young women and daughter of God.

We all have such a divine potential to one day become like God.  We are to learn of Him and His Son Jesus Christ and follow Him.  This Gospel is perfect, the people are not so as Joseph Smith once said, “We must be merciful and overlook the small things.” Another quote I enjoy from Joseph Smith is, “If men do not comprehend the character of God, they do not comprehend themselves.”

We have such an amazing gift with this Gospel and have our Savior Jesus Christ to help us along the way.  I hope you all have an amazing week and keep smiling!


Hermana Steed

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