Monday, April 24, 2017

Flooded Streets and P-day Adventure!

A good, cool week here in La Romana!  Finally!  It has rained a little on a off, so it has been humid but the sun hasn't been killing us this week! Yay!

On Tuesday it rained quite a bit and the streets started to flood so we were walking in the water, well trying to avoid it as best as possible.  But I just kept laughing, I thought it was just a funny thing.  We were hugging walls to support us as we tried to go around the water!

Here in Villa Verde we are starting to work with the members more and more as they are such an important part of mission work, especially the retention.  We have quite a few members that go with us to lessons so that is so helpful and helps our investigators to feel more comfortable.

My and my companion
I had my first batida de mango this week and it was oh so divine.  It is mango, carnation, vanilla, sugar, and ice.  Everyone raved about them and I finally got to taste the magic.  There are so many mango trees here and the mangos are starting to ripen so we will be eating lots of mango!  I didn't really know how to eat one so it was really funny the first time!  Picture attached.

We are currently working with a young man named Yuni.  He is the best.  He is 13 years old and lives close to a couple of members.  He has received an answer that this church is true, but he won't accept a baptismal date.  I think some things with being young worry him.  But he was so cute he kept asking us in our last lesson about our baptism and our feelings so that was a fun spiritual moment!  He has such a good heart and will be a great member.  We continue to work with him and help him be ready to make a covenant with God.

Tomorrow we have zone conference in the capital and President asked each area if they had recent converts that could come.  We have one named Mauricio that is complete gold.  So loyal and knowledgeable and is preparing for a mission.  He is 16 and when we asked him to come he gladly accepted and said he won't be able to sleep the night before because he is so excited!  I just smiled at that!

Us with our thumbs down when our p-day attraction was closed.
As for P-day today we planned something super fun and in nature.  We called a taxi and we had some problems with him finding where we were so that took a while.  Then when we got in the taxi and said where we wanted to go he asked us if we had $25 and our passports because that is what we needed to get to this place.  We all said no and asked if there was another place.  He offered a suggestion and we called the assistants to ask permission.  They said yes and off we went.  Well on our way there was a dog in the street and he hit it.  It was horrible!  Then we got to the place and it was closed.  What a great p-day.  When I try to do something bad things happen!  haha.  But we were just in the back of the car laughing at what was happening!  But hopefully next p-day is better!  But poor dog!

Well that was my week in a nutshell.  We have been working really hard and see miracles everyday. It is the Lords work and he gets it done in his way in his time!  Thank you all for your love and support! Have a great week!

Hermana Steed

My companion and I with other sisters in our zone at the mission office.
The sunrise outside of my window
My companion and I,

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