Monday, April 3, 2017

What an amazing General Conference!!!

Dear Family and Friends,

Some of the sisters when we had a conference
with Elder Andersen.
What a great General Conference weekend we had!  We were blessed to hear from the Lords apostles and prophet.  The themes that stood out to me were those of Faith and listening to the Holy Ghost.  We can accomplish so much by our Faith in our Savior Jesus Christ.  Faith truly is a principle of power and the Holy Ghost plays such an important role in each of our lives and is such a special gift as we remain worthy of it.  And of course I think one of the favorite talks of every missionary was one of a seventy when he invited all investigators to be baptized as it will change their lives forever.  So powerful!  I was blessed to watch the conference in English with other missionaries so that was really nice!  We are so blessed to be able to hear the actual voices of the apostles and prophets, something I always took for granted!  But I hope you all enjoyed General Conference and had the opportunity to watch or read all the talks.  I hope you all took some things and will apply them to your life so that we can all progress and become better people through our Savior Jesus Christ.

One thing this week was as we passed by members I love asking them how they came to know the church and eventually become a member.  I love hearing their sweet stories of opposition and pure joy as well as they come unto Christ and find the truth in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, truly the Church of our Savior Jesus Christ.

The ocean is so blue here
This week when we had our district meeting I saw the Branch President from Yamasa.  President Ramirez and he updated me a bit on Franchesca, one of my sweet investigators there!  They have been working with her family to receive permission for her to be baptized and have been making some progress.  I called my old companion who still is in Yamasa and she said that they made progress in one direction, but now another member of the family doesn’t want to give permission.  I love her so much and I know that she will be baptized in the time that the Lord wants her to be.  She is so special to me and I know the Lord is watching over her.  She is so strong and such a great example.  But it was a great highlight of my week to hear about the progress that is happening with her!

Something funny this week was in between the sessions of conference on Sunday we were eating with a member and she asked if I had tried pata de pollo before.  Well those of you who know Spanish know that this is chicken feet.  People love it here, not all but many.  Well I tried chicken feet!  I wouldn’t say that I would never eat it again, but also I would never say that I would crave chicken feet.  It doesn’t have any meet really so I am not sure what I was eating, but I am living and it was a fun experience!

We have found more people to teach this week and are trying to work with more youth so it should be a good busy week!  

Hopefully there will be more to report next week!

Have a wonderful first week of April!

Hermana Steed

Zapote is a weird fruit here that is delicious and
makes great batidas (smoothie, shake things)

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