Monday, April 17, 2017

7 months and New Area!

Another week has come and gone!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter Sunday and had time to think about our Savior Jesus Christ, that He lives!  What wonderful knowlege that is!

People dont really celebrate Easter that big here, just Holy Week in general.  So I saw lots of people in swimming pools in the streets spending time with their families.  Also a tradition here is that they make habichuelas con dulce.  Sweet beans!  It sounds so weird but they are so good.  But one day we had 3 people offer them so I was really sweet and plump that day!

We had transfers so I am now in my new area with my new companion.  I am still in Villa Verde just the other part of the ward boundry  so it was a weird change.  It didnt really feel like a change but yet it did because all the people changed.

My companion Hermana Lana is from Minas, Gerais Brazil.  It is central Brazil is what she told me.  She is 19 and the youngest of 6 in her family.  We are getting along well and working together.

We have quite a few investigators I am still working on getting to know them all and understanding each of their situations.  We had a lesson with one of our investigators named Miguel.  He is about 30 years old and lives by himself.  We taught him about the Book of Mormon and he accepted a baptismal date for next month so that was exciting!  We also are teaching a family.  A couple and 2 little children.  They are really interested and want to come to church!  Yay!  I am excited to see what this transfer holds, good things!

I had a few mouse and rat situations this week.  One day we were sitting outside with a recent convert and someone came out of their house smacking a broom on the ground then I saw it!  I nice mouse!  I jumped up knocking my chair over and gave a little scream.  As did everyone else around me!  It was funny.  Also we were walking the other day in the street and my companion just stopped and gave a wail.  then I saw it.  I nice huge flattened rat in the road that had been run over.  It was huge!  Ew, yes ew!

One day this week in my personal study I studied about adversity.  In True to the Faith it gives the example found in 1 Nephi 16:15-32 when the bows of Nephi, laman, and Lemuel break.  it talks about how we can deal with adversity.  We can either complain and ask why is this happening to me or we can ask ourselves what can I learn, what does the Lord want me to learn, whom can I help?  I really enjoyed this perspective and example in the scriptures.  What an amazing gift the Book of Mormon is and scripture in general.  We can learn so much and be given so much strength if we read every day.  I challenge you all to read and pray everyday and I promise you will receive a new light in your life and more blessings.  God always wants to bless us, but we must first keep His commandments!

Well I hope you all had a great week and have another great week!  Enjoy it!

Hermana Steed

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