Monday, April 10, 2017

Companion Exchange after Companion Exchange!

Hermana Howard, she is from my
MTC group and I at the immigration
Hello Family and friends,

This week was an interesting one.  As a result of my companion going home tomorrow she had so many meetings and things to go to this week that I had so many companion exchanges.  Also I had to go to the capital on Wednesday night to be ready to go to the immigration office for my visa.  So I really was not in my area much this week.  But I got to come to Higuey another part of the country so that was fun to get to know another area a little bit!

My district!
As for transfers I will be finishing Hermana Lana´s training and will be switching areas.  It is pretty funny actually.  So for the past six weeks I was in the area Villa Verde A.  In my house lives 4 sisters: us and the sisters from Villa Verde B.  I will be switching areas to Villa Verde B.  So just the other half of the city!  I will be moving my stuff from one room to the other in our house!  But yes I will be finishing training.  Hermana Lana is from Brazil.  I am excited I think it will be a great fun experience.  It is really cool because we already know each other a little bit, but now I can learn more about her!  She is great and has a wonderful sweet spirit!  But yes they will be white washing my area that I have been in. 

Lots of changes but I am excited to start this transfer off with lots of energy and find those people prepared to come unto Christ!  Yesterday we received 2 references from a member!  Pure gold in a missionaries eyes!  Sadly I will be leaving the area, but what a great way to start off for the new missionaries!

Well I will let you know how it all goes next week! Thank you all for your love and support!  I encourage you alll to read the Book of Mormon and learn more about its truthfulness everyday, what a wonderful gift it is!

Hermana Steed

A cruise ship that docked in Higuey

A cathedral that is a tourist spot

Another bug that likes to come into our house

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